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New theme for /love

9 June 2017
Filed under: dotcom

Live over here. Decided to get rid of that early 2000’s look and come up with something slightly more modern, or at least something that was more my aesthetic. It also fits the design with my main dotcom front page, which is nice.

I kind of want to create more subpages on my dotcom, but I don’t know what else would be needed for it that’s also not already on [personal profile] aroceu. Ugh, internet.

Mostly Masterball

7 June 2017
Filed under: Masterball, profesh

Updated a host of things on Masterball, including:

  • A shiny gallery, which I’ve also added to the /trainer and footer section
  • Pokemon Go things as usual (though I’m not keeping track of my Go log updates here; I tweet about them instead P:)

Oh, and I modified some things on my professional website a while back for no reason other than more polished publication.

Oh thank fucking god.

21 May 2017
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I have my error page back! *shakes fist at .htaccess files*

I caved in.

After fighting the internet for the past, like, month, I finally just decided to go with wordpress for this logging area. It’s not ideal as I’d wanted it to be lightweight (i.e. I tried to install fanupdate literally about ten times) but wordpress isn’t technically heavyweight so… whatever.

Some news:

Other things:

  • since the last time I tried to make this log (and failed) – masterball is new. (it’s not new anymore since it’s been like, two months, but, you know)
    • and I keep updating my pokego log, since I’m playing again
  • running an event called the slow burn big bang! so obviously I’m hosting it on my servers (well they’re not really mine but y’know)
  • now has the shrine to the OTP 🙂
  • oh and also I reconfigured dapple heart to be for shrines (from my end) instead of fanlistings